Company Brief

A quick look at Health & Wealth


Health & Wealth is a medical Third Party Administrator (TPA) company based in Cairo, Egypt. The company serve three types of clients: medical insurers, service providers and beneficiaries.

We provide complete package of products and services that offers beneficiaries a quality service level and providing buyers a distinguished state-of-the-art claims administration services that help the reduction of operation costs and maintain the highest quality standards

In Health & Wealth we’re improving everyday to reach our goal of becoming the medical TPA of choice therefor we always dedicate ourselves to the highest level of customer satisfaction . Each day brings new challenges as we fulfill our commitment towards our clients.


Strategic Objectives

  • Provide standard and measurable service levels
  • Provide services to insurance companies and self-funded clients
  • Provide State-Of-the-Art claims administration services (access, cost, network, etc.)
  • Provide competitive administration fees
  • Utilization of automated processes and advanced technologies
  • Establish alliance with international networks
  • Provide creative solutions and customized programs with unique value-added services
  • Provide consultancy and professional studies for risk management and for underwriting
  • Provide training courses for employees in healthcare insurance field and service providers

Company Profile

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Products & Services:

Health & Wealth Healthcare Solutions served healthcare insurers and self-funded schemes. It contracted by insurance companies to administer significant portion of their portfolio, like claim processing, membership management, network and plan management, underwriting, statistics, etc. The company utilized to administer self-funded schemes too. Below find the list of services offered by HEALTH & WEALTH:

– Outsourcing Insurer Support:

  • Product & benefit design & administration
  • Membership management and underwriting
  • Provider management
  • Authorization & utilization management
  • Case management & Managed care
  • Claim management
  • Cost containment
  • International medical assistance
  • Repatriation & Emergency Evacuation

– Outsourcing services provider support

– Self-Funded scheme support

These services help reduction of operating costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality of services offered.

Company Structure

Health & Wealth’s head office based in Cairo. The plan is to establish regional presence in Alex and Suez during the coming years respectively. Management and processing will be centralized at the head office. In addition, by the 3rd year and due to operation expansion the TPA will set up a back office for mass processing. The regional offices are representation offices for marketing, relationship and follow up with customers and providers.


Dr. Mohamed Al Gehani


Dr. Galal Rashwan

Deputy Chairman, MD & CEO